BIOSOLIDS - the sustainable choice


nutri-bio is part of Anglian Water and recycles the biosolids, from the multistage water cleansing process.

Anglian Water treats approximately 1.65 million cubic metres of wastewater each day or 7646 litres per second (not including rainfall), at 1119 sites.

Untreated liquor is transported from smaller wastewater treatment works to be processed at 10 wastewater recycling centres. These centres produce clean water to put back into the system, energy to power 36 000 homes and biosolids to be recycled to farmland.

For more information contact your local nutri-bio product advisor.



  • Cheaper and more sustainable than using artificial fertiliser.
  • Reduces farmers’ carbon footprint and impact on the environment.
  • Contain nitrogen, phosphate, sulphur and magnesium – key elements for healthy crop development.
  • Improve organic matter levels in the soil.
  • Delivery and spreading included in the price.
  • Certified under the Biosolids Assurance Scheme.