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Anglian Water treats approximately 1,651,602m3 of wastewater each day or 7,646 litres per second. In addition we also process all the rainfall that enters the wastewater network.

Across the UK 53 million tonnes per annum of untreated solids are output from 8,700 wastewater treatment works, of which AW operates 1,119 sites, servicing all communities, from small villages to our large cities.

Anglian Water transports this untreated liquor, across the region, from the smaller wastewater treatment works to be processed at 13 Waste Water Recycling Centres. This is where we generate Biosolids, produce clean water to re enter the water cycle and enough energy to power 36,000 houses within the region.

We are the first company not only to be certified under the Biosolids Assurance Scheme (BAS) but also to maintain our certification! For more info on the BAS certification please look at our Certification and Quality Assurance Page.

We produce and market around 380,000 tonnes a year or 19,000 truck loads of Biosolids within the Anglian region. This is applied to an est. 20,000 hectares per annum, which is less than 1% of the regions available area.


Anglian Water employs different treatment technologies to produce Biosolids;

  • We treat 76% of our product through Anabolic Digestion processes using three different plant types
    • Monsal digesters
    • Cambi Plant digesters
    • AW patented HpH digesters
  • 15% of our Biosolids are treated using Lime
  • We Compost 9% of our Biosolids with your garden cuttings screening it to create a garden quality compost

We control the treatment of our Biosolids using a system originally developed to ensure high standards in food production (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP). The recycling process is carried out by a dedicated Biosolids team who are accredited to BSEN ISO 9001:2008 and BSEN ISO 14001:2004. The ISO system is an internationally recognised set of standards used to ensure consistent quality.

Latest News

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22nd February 2021

Despite the challenging start to 2021, we continue to deliver and spread biosolids throughout the Anglian Water region.

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07th July 2020

We have continued with 'business as usual' during this very unusual time with the Covid-19 pandemic, whilst adhering to government advice on social distancing protocol.

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