Why use our products?

It is essential to get your fertiliser programme right to ensure your soil and crops are healthy. Optimum nutrition results in maximum yield. The cost to UK agriculture in wasted nutrition for both Nitrogen and Phosphate is shown below;

Estimate loss of nutrient per annum in UK Ag. (t) 350,000 9,800
Cost of AN & TSP respectively per £240 £270
Total cost to UK Ag £84,000,000 £6,062,000

It’s not just the financial cost that should be considered, sustainability also has a value.

  • To produce 1t of AN takes 40 GJ
  • 14 million GJ of energy to produce the excess Nitrogen lost above!
  • 1.85 million tonnes of CO2 (equivalent to approximately 394,680 additional cars each year on the world’s roads!)


We supply Biosolids as an organic fertilizer to land in various forms:

  • Co CompostGives you the advantages of a normal compost application but without the disadvantages. With its high organic N content from the Biosolids this product gives you the organic matter you need without the N demand
  • Digested CakeTreated to the highest standard available through our market leading digesters. This cake is rich in organic matter, phosphate and a broad range of other nutrients.
  • Iron CakeIs an amazing soil conditioner, water loving, it helps regulate the soils ability to deal with water stress situations. It also gives a handy does of N,P and S
  • Lime CakeA high organic content and a neutralising value mean this cake has excellent soil benefits but does retain an odour (which needs to be factored in at stockpiling and spreading)

Benefits to the soil and the Environment

The direct replacement value of Biosolids to UK agriculture is around £25 million per annum (mainly as phosphate and nitrogen but also as sulphur, potash and magnesium). There is a strong demand from farmers for it as it is worth between £150 and £190 per hectare in nutrients alone.

In addition to the nutrient content, biosolids is also very high in organic matter, which further benefits agriculture and the environment as indicated in this table:

Impact Changes Benefits
Improved soil structure Reduces compaction and increases workability - Improves root development - Increased drainage capability Less soil work and energy required - Increased crop yields Reduced risk of yield loss
Increased water retention capability Increased drought resistance Reduced risk of erosion and nutrient run-off Increased crop yields - Maintains soil structure and nutrient composition - Reduced risk of diffuse pollution
Increased life in soil (from microbes to earthworms) Improves drainage - Improves organic material breakdown and release of nutrient so Reduced risk of yield loss Natural provision of nutrients Increased crop yields
Increased carbon sequestration organic matter locks up carbon in soil Greenhouse gas reduction

Bound by Constraints

We all have to work within regulatory frameworks and we are bound by a number of constraints when it comes to application, although most apply to any other organic manure! However we do follow the safe sludge matrix, this affects how and where we can use our products on your farm.

Your products advisor will be able to go through this with you in detail but in short, there are restrictions on where we can fit in the rotation. These are to maximise the benefit our product can offer you and also to ensure compliance with your own contracts. This is shown below/right;

Crop Untreated Conventional Treated
(Dig & Lime)
Enhanced Treated
Fruit & salad crop No No 10 months before harvest
Vegetable (In contact with soil & eaten raw) No Not within 30 months of harvest 10 months before harvest
Veg. Others No Not within 12 months of harvest 10 months before harvest
Cereals Until end 1999 unless further processed Yes Yes
Grassland No Not before grazing unless injected 3 week no grazing interval

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